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Friday, September 15, 2006

CumulusTopics - How Does It Work?

This lets you decide how you want to list the Topics (aka Labels). You select the Style that pleases you, not the blog owner. So, how does it work?

Select Hide Style to hide everything except the MultiStyle Labels Menu Bar. Hide Style is the default in this blog; other blogs may vary.

Select List Style for the familiar long list, alphabetised, with post counts.

Select Menu Style for a pop up list, alphabetised, with post counts.

Select Zoom Style for a long list, alphabetised, using larger fonts to identify topics with higher post counts.

Original code by Ramani of HackOSphere, modified by Chuck of RBS.

This rocks! So, Chuck, how do I get this into my blog? For the answer, see Adding CumulusTopics Code Into Your Blog.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it ! As the proud owner of these labels, now with a 'hide' function, I am deliriously happy. Thanks, Chuck, Ramani and Bob!

Michael de`OZ said...

This script don't work if Opera-mini is used.

Frank said...

All well and good, but why can't I find something that works in the same way as the Blog Archive, but with labels at the root instead of dates?

Is a collapsible list organised by labels too much to ask????

Nitecruzr said...

Hey Frank,

Why not ask your question in GBH: How Do I?, and see if you get a response?